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Generate Trees

What Type?
Labelled Free Trees   [IMG = Green Check]  
Binary Trees - Lex Order [m = level of leftmost leaf]   [IMG = Green Check]  
Binary Trees - Gray Code Order [m = level of leftmost leaf]   [IMG = Green Check]  
Binary Trees - by Rotations   [IMG = Green Check]  
Binary Trees - by one or two adjacent transpositions   [IMG = Green Check]  
Rooted Trees [m = max children] [lb = min height] [ub = max height]   [IMG = Green Check]  
Unlabelled Free Trees [m = max degree] [lb = min diameter] [ub = max diameter]   [IMG = Green Check]  
Plane Rooted Trees   [IMG = Green Check]   [HOT]
Plane Free Trees   [IMG = Green Check]   [HOT]
B-Trees Of Order m   [IMG = Green Check]  
Red-black Trees   [IMG = Green Check]   [HOT]
Compact Codes   [IMG = Green Check]  

n =
m =
lb =
ub =

Standard representation   [IMG = Green Check]  
Alternate representation   [IMG = Green Check]  
Show Gray code changes (if applicable)   [IMG = Green Check]  
Draw trees   [Under_Construction]  

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