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Index of Generation Pages

Please select the type of object you would like to generate,
  1. Permutations and new   [IMG = Green Check]  
  2. Subsets or Combinations and new   [IMG = Green Check]  
  3. Permutations or Combinations of a Multiset   [img Red-x]  
  4. Set Partitions and new   [Under_Construction]  
  5. Numerical Partitions and relatives and old test and new   [Under_Construction]  
  6. Trees and new   [IMG = Green Check]  
  7. Necklaces, Lyndon words, DeBruijn Sequences and new   [Under_Construction]  
  8. Ideals or Linear Extensions of a Poset and new   [Under_Construction]  
  9. Spanning Trees and other Subgraphs of a Graph   [img Red-x]  
  10. Unlabelled Graphs and new   [Under_Construction]  
  11. Puzzles and Miscellanea and new   [Under_Construction]  

Please ignore the following button:

  [IMG = Green Check]   = works great!
  [Under_Construction]   = partially functional, but not all options implemented. Don't be deterred; most of it works well.
  [img Red-x]   = don't waste your time.

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