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Generate Miscellanea

What Type?
All solutions of the n Queens problem.   [IMG = Green Check]  
All magic squares of order n.   [img Red-x]  
Pentominoes, shape =   [IMG = Green Check]  
All polyominoes of order n.   [IMG = Green Check]  
Objects counted by the Fibonacci numbers Fn.   [IMG = Green Check]  
All n by n Re-entrant knight's tours.   [img Red-x]  
All n by n Knight's tours [starting at position (k,m)].   [img Red-x]  
All solutions of the Soma cube puzzle.   [img Red-x]  
Testing area.   [img Red-x]  

n =
k =
m =

Standard representation (text).   [Under_Construction]  
Second text representation.   [Under_Construction]  
Alternate representation (picture).   [Under_Construction]  

Custom Pentominoes Input Shape:

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