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Many people have helped in building the Combinatorial "Object Server" (COS) and I thank them all.

COS runs on machines housed in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Victoria.

My Graduate Students:

Undergraduate Students:


Systems People:

Software "donations":

Hardware help:

Typo detection:

Here are some sites that refer to the Object Server or some part of it.

Awards that COS has won:

  1. If you do a Britanica search for "Combinatorial" then COS is listed under "the web's best sites"
  2. COS was selected as a "knot" in the "braid of links" for the week of May 13, 1997
  3. COS is included in this ring of math sites
  4. Dr. Matrix Category: Mathematics

Faculty Pages that reference COS:

  1. There's a link to COS from Mitch Harris' homepage
  2. The COS tree generation section is listed by the Math Department of Tampere University of Technology Finland
  3. There a link to COS on this page from Latvia. Both COS and AMOF are on this page
  4. Francis Edward Su is a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College
  5. John Kececioglu is a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Georgia
  6. Ric Lister of the Georgetown Institute for Cognitive and Computational Sciences lists COS on his list of Science and Maths links
  7. Richard Webber's publication page has a reference to the red-black tree generation part of COS
  8. Einar Steingrimsson's bookmark list
  9. From Tampere University of Technology in Finland, links to COS's permutation, combination, necklace, and tree generation pages
  10. The University of Calgary Library lists COS in its "Mathematics & Statistics Web Page
  11. The University of Haifa Mathematics Department
  12. Roger Blumberg's Mathematics Reference Page
  13. David G. Wagners k3wL s1Te Li$T, COS is one of five mathematics sites listed
  14. E.J. Inglis-Arkell's Materials, Background, and Courses
  15. The University of Alaska at Anchorage Math Solutions Group Math Tools Page
  16. The COS info on derangements page is referenced on this page of the "Leadership program in Mathematics" from Rutgers University
  17. COS has made it onto Thomas Tautenhahn's bookmark list
  18. COS has made it onto Pekka Orponen's bookmark list
  19. Ron Knott is a lecturer in Computing at the University of Surrey (UK)
  20. Matthew R. Nelson's Computation Related Links
  21. The pentomino Information page is listed on this list of pentomino pages by Predrag Janicic
  22. Para SecÁ„o de MatemŠtica
  23. Algorithm links
  24. Mathematics and Computer Science Links of David Berman
  25. Herbert Wilf's Home Page
  26. Frank Ruskey's Home Page
  27. Dr. Joe DeMaio Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  28. A terrific combinatorial object generator, it's been of great use while testing little lemmas and such as I stumble upon them
  29. Ath's Web page

Course pages that reference COS:

  1. Professor Edward Reingold at U. Illinois has a link to COS from the CS491 Homepage
  2. Eitan Gurari, a professor at Ohio State University, has a link to COS from one of his course notes pages
  3. Math 455, a Graph Theory course from Missippi College
  4. This page about "Graph Lattices" contains a link to the COS information page on "Ideals of a Poset"
  5. They refer to COS's information page on combinations
  6. We're on a page about Graph Theory
  7. The pentomino Information page is listed on this Math 416 Homepage from Northern Illinois University
  8. MIT Course: Combinatorial Analysis: 18.314
  9. UVic Course: CSC 482A Combinatorial Generation
  10. Math 23 - Cabrillo College

Books that reference COS:

  1. COS is mentioned in the October 1997 issue, and makes of copy of my list of rooted trees of 5 nodes

Large Indexes that reference COS:

  1. COS is a site recommendation in the Combinatorics section of Hotbot
  2. COS is one of the sites that comes up on Oingo's "meaning-based" search engine under the subcategory Science/Math/Combinatorics
  3. May 1996, listed under topics in mathematics
  4. November 1995, listed under topics in mathematics
  5. David Eppstein's "Geometry Junkyard" entry on polyominoes and other Animals
  6. The "WWW Virtual Library for Mathematic"'s list of General Resources
  7. CAMEL's student mathematics resources, and educational mathematics resources
  8. People of the analysis of algorithms pages
  9. Greater Cincinnati Science Education Center

Pages that have COS bookmarks:

  1. COS is on this page of Resources for the Analysis of Algorithms maintained by Helmut Prodinger at the Technischen Universitšt Wien, Austria
  2. Both COS and the Venn Diagram page are listed as "Web Resources" under "Combinatorics"
  3. Tim Carr, a math teacher at a middle school, lists COS as one of "sites that really work for me"
  4. COS is listed under "Probability" on the EDDIE football analysis page
  5. Joe Culberson's (graph) coloring page
  6. The University of Florida Mathematics Department maintains a "Mathematical resources on the Web
  7. Jan Kok's Polyomino problems and variations of a theme page
  8. The Pentomino information page is listed on this page entitled Pentominoes en Polyominoes
  9. Kadon enterprises, also called GamePuzzles has a link to the Pentomino information page
  10. R and A Media, Inc. page on the CALMPLEX puzzle has a link to the COS information page on pentominoes
  11. This page from Hungary has a link to the Pentomino information page
  12. This page of Notes on Martin Gardner contains a link to the Pentomino information page
  13. Sergei Duzhin has a link to COS in his list of about 20 useful links
  14. COS is on the Link Leviathan from Upham High School in North Dakota
  15. Marindale's Graduate and Undergraduate Center: The "Virtual" - Mathematics Center
  16. COS is listed on Mathematics WWW Links from Drew Campbell, a student at Dalhousie University
  17. Ed Pegg Jr. has set up www.mathpuzzle.com
  18. Schoolnet (not to be confused with Canada's Schoolnet) has a link to COS under Mathematics
  19. Art Pannek's bookmarks has a link to COS under Science Facts
  20. Jay Jenicek has a well done pentominoes page that refers to the COS pentomino info page
  21. Jay W. Stumpel's pentomino page refers to COS's pentomino information page
  22. Pentominoes info page is referred to in this diary entry of Frans Faase
  23. John Edward Miller's "webmarks" has a link to the pentominoes information page
  24. COS has made it onto Gregory Kucherov's bookmark list
  25. COS is on this list of Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages by John C. Pezzullo
  26. The Center for Network Resources and Training at South Carolina State University maintains a page of math links
  27. Florent Chabaud's page on Galois Fields has a reference to the COS info page on irreducible polynomials
  28. Julie Lawrence, a graduate student at the University of Queensland
  29. COS is listed on this Swedish site Lšnkar, from Pontus Andersson's homepage
  30. Math Forum Internet News
  31. Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library
  32. Glenn Rhoads' Home Page
  33. Langara College - Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  34. List of some useful links related to Statistics
  35. Random generation of Combinatorial Structures
  36. Bookmarks for Doug Moore
  37. Archives: Topics in Mathematics
  38. Open dictionary project: Combinatorics
  39. Mathematics Sites for Educators
  40. Vincent Vajnovszki's home page
  41. Jon Roegele's home page
  42. Bookmarks for horsey@umich.edu
  43. Jens Liebehenschel's Homepage
  44. Venn Diagrams Reference Page
  45. Alley CATs in Search of Good Homes
  46. Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations!
  47. Here is a brief outline of my current and intended research
  48. Generating Binary Trees by Rotations
  49. edu-links: Discrete Math
  50. Math Forum Internet Collection
  51. Glenbrook School
  52. T.I.D. Ronse School in Belgium, Page on Pentominos

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